Man, young people are cool!

I am constantly amazed at what younger individuals are able to accomplish! Here at Hyalite we had the opportunity to build mobile greenhouse beds that can move in and out of the building.


So like, when it is the middle of May and there just happens to be three feet of snow on the ground, we can still plant delicious vegetables in the classroom and then wheel them out into the warm, sunny greenhouse! They even have planter boxes that can be removed from the frame so teachers can plant with four different groups at once! The coolest part is these super-brilliant mobile garden beds were designed by students! and built by students! A group of Bozeman High students came up with the design and provided us with a 3-d model. Then a local furniture business that usually specializes in high-end furniture Green Seam, LLC purchased all of the lumber and cut the pieces to spec. With all the pieces cut and ready to go, students here at Hyalite have been placing them together and screwing them in! We have had a lot of fun and are very excited about the functionality these fantastic beds will add to our greenhouse and our gardening program here at Hyalite! A special thanks to Green Seam LLC, engineering students at Bozeman High School, and the Gallatin Gardener’s Club whose generous donations and hard work helped make this project possible!

Jonathan BruceJonathan, or “Farmer Jonathan” as most of his younger gardening friends refer to him, has a passion for working with a diverse set of young folks in a farm or garden setting. He trained as a Food Systems Intern at World Hunger Relief, Inc. in the art of small diversified farming techniques, community development, and gardening with students in predominantly low-income schools. After that, he joined the Campus Kitchens Project through Baylor University as the Campus Garden Coordinator. The following year he became the Youth Programs Coordinator for the Urban Gardening Coalition in Waco, TX, where he helped coordinate large-scale volunteer events in area community and school gardens, host workshops for teachers on school gardening, develop after-school gardening programs, and sweat with high school-aged students on a farm in downtown Waco. Jonathan will be serving at Hyalite Elementary in Bozeman, MT, where he will continue the excellent work of previous FoodCorps members in nutrition, food systems, and outdoor education. He is very excited about a greenhouse that will be completed during his term. During his stay in Montana, Jonathan plans on taking many hikes with his beautiful wife Bethel, spirited son Jasper Jack, and Catahoula leopard dog Gypsy.