On October 24th at 2:00 PM, students and adults across the state took a bite into a locally or regionally grown apple to celebrate Montana Crunch Time. The annual event, part of a greater movement of National Farm to School Month activities, was a success in the Polson School District for the 6th year.

FoodCorps AmeriCorps service member Mary Auld and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Coordinator JB Capedeville organized this year’s event, purchasing 1,800 apples from Campbell’s Orchard on Finley Point to distribute among the school’s students for the big crunch.

As 2:00 PM approached, excited cheers and chants of “3, 2, 1!” from the students rang through the hallways of the elementary schools. To encourage students to take a hearty bite out of their apples, Mary happily hopped between classrooms in an apple costume, kids clamoring for hugs.

“This is a great program that gets students engaged with where their food comes from,” says Mary.

To read more about Polson’s Crunch Time event, check out this article in The Lake County Leader.