Harrison Jackson is an MTCC AmeriCorps Summer Associate VISTA serving with the FoodCorps team in Sheridan, MT.

My summer goals upon joining Jackson’s Garden and the Sheridan community were to help develop a Kid’s Club for the youth in the area and to help maintain the garden’s productivity.  With the help of the wonderful volunteers at the garden, I feel that I am on my way to accomplishing both of these goals.  When I first arrived, everyone was in a mad rush to get everything planted, so I was thrown into the mix from the very beginning.  
Jackson’s Garden on a sunny day

Through the knowledge of my fellow gardeners, and some trial and error on my part, we were able to get everything into the ground and producing.  Though there have definitely been some struggles, such as moving our high tunnel for the first time and my numerous attempts to master the irrigation system, the garden is doing well, and we are able to bring more and more fresh produce to the farmer’s market each week. 

Developing the Kid’s Club at the garden has been my main focus.  This involves helping them plant and maintain their own garden and creating lesson plans and activities centered around gardening.  My hope is that by making their time in the garden both fun and educational, they might live healthier and more productive lives.  From child prodigy Sawyer, whose weed torturing techniques have the weeds thinking twice about entering the garden, to brilliant entrepreneur Christopher, who will leave no question unasked of strangers while working at the farm stand, I have learned many things during my time here. 

Working at Jackson’s Garden has been an incredible experience.  Only in a place like Sheridan does one have the opportunity to work with the best and brightest young minds in gardening.  I have had some wonderful times with the kids, and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to contribute in some small way to the future of this town.