Inside School Food at Heritage Radio Network featured FoodCorps Montana on the air on Monday!


  • Jerusha Klemperer, our FoodCorps National Co-Founder and Communications Director, does a fantastic job explaining what FoodCorps is all about, and how to apply to be a FoodCorps service member for the upcoming school year.
  • Jessica Manly, our second-year FoodCorps service member in Kalispell, provides key insight into what it’s like to be a FoodCorps member and a “Day in the Life.”
  • And, Jenny Montague, the incredible FoodCorps site supervisor in Kalispell and the Food Service Director for Kalispell Public School District #5, shares her perspective on the FoodCorps program from inside the school food and nutrition world.

Nice way to rep our service work in this great state and across the country!