National Days of Service are an awesome opportunity to work with some new, diverse community partners and just do something different. On significant days throughout the year, FoodCorps service members around the country and our counterparts in other fields of national service mark the occasion and do our best to plan inclusive events that will, hopefully, inspire others to service.

For Patriot Day, September 11th I worked here in Glendive with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) to collect tea and coffee for the Veteran’s home. The state-wide project is called “A Cup of Comfort.” Although we could have simply had a local business buy all the drinks outright, the significance of including the whole community cannot be overstated.

Patty Atwell, the RSVP coordinator, and I attended the public remembrance ceremony in Gazebo Park with a signed banner and started the collection process that continued into the evening at the VFW’s annual Pork Dinner.  The turnout was fabulous as was the opportunity to bring attention to National Service in its many forms.

We will continue to collect coffee, tea and coco this month at various locations around Glendive.

While I would never say the sacrifices I’ve made in choosing national service compare to those made by men and women in the armed services, on a day like September 11th, I am proud and thankful to have the opportunity to serve. In that, I share something pretty special with all my compatriots who have sought to repay some of the privilege that comes from being American