Welcome the 2012-2013 Montana FoodCorps Team 

And we’re back!

After a fun-filled, information-packed week of orientation with the National FoodCorps team in Marin County, CA, the (mostly) new 2012-2013 Montana FoodCorps team has planted their 20 feet back on Big Sky soil. For those of you that don’t know, Montana FoodCorps has merged with National FoodCorps in order to join in a broader movement to fight childhood obesity and improve school lunches across America. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with 70 other FoodCorps Service Members in 11 other states including Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Michigan, Iowa, New Mexico, Arizona and Oregon!

Here’s a pic of the entire National FoodCorps Team at Orientation in Marin County, CA.

2012-2013 Montana FoodCorps boasts yet another rock star team. We were fortunate to have 4 dedicated members return to their communities for a second year and 6 new service members from all over the U.S.! Check out this year’s team biographies to get to know a little bit more about us.
Picture of the 2012-13 FoodCorps Team (and some site supervisors and friends) with Denise Juneau at the Montana Farm-to-School Conference in Bozeman.
With 7 years of concerted Farm to School efforts, Montana FoodCorps has lots of energy and momentum to build off of. Last year alone, the incredible team of 9 service members reached 3,514 kids through educational activities and taste tests, increased local food procurement in K-12 schools by $43,131 (not counting milk), tended to more than a dozen school gardens, and served 2,172 pounds of healthy, local produce to kids during garden activities of farm field trips.
We can’t wait to share more stories and successes from the ground with you this coming year. So stay tuned and enjoy your last few weeks of summer!
Kael Hesford from Boulder, MT enjoying a snack of carrots he planted from the garden. Yum!
We hope you’re enjoying some late summer harvest too!