Beets: February Harvest of the Month!

Posted: March 20, 2015

FoodCorps in Helena: ServeMT Symposium 2015

Posted: March 14, 2015


Carrots, Planting for Peace, and MyPlate: January in Browning

Posted: March 13, 2015

On one Tuesday afternoon in January after class, a fifth grade student passed me a note torn from the corner of a piece of loose leaf notebook paper. No one has passed me a note since high school, so I excitedly read the words scrawled on the scrap of paper: “I love all the fruits…read the full article…

Super Wendy and her sidekick Superhero Blueberry teach MyPlate to Kindergarten

Why not be a Superhero?

Posted: March 10, 2015

Being the person who brings food, worms and outdoor games to classes tends to win me point with the students I teach in grades K-5 at a few small schools in northwestern Montana. When I paired up with the school nurse to be Super Wendy and Super Blueberry, however, I realized the power of the…read the full article…

Posted: February 24, 2015

“This tastes like heaven!”

– 2nd grade beet smoothie fan


Jasper Jack Bruce!

Posted: February 21, 2015

The other night as I was laying my son, Jasper Jack, to sleep I had a subtle epiphany. Not only has this little guy dramatically changed my sleeping habits, improved my attitude toward kid centered shopping carts, and gifted me with…


Teaching Kids will Make You a Better Farmer

Posted: February 20, 2015

I have had a variety of different positions throughout the course of my life working with kids and youth development. Somewhere along the way, I got this notion in my head that I don’t think you can truly understand something unless you can break it down simply enough to explain it to a seven year old. Someone recently challenged this, saying that it takes a certain type of person to work with children and that understanding cannot be gauged by that.

Teamwork: Beet-Carrot-Parsnip Salad!

Posted: February 12, 2015


FoodCorps Montana on ‘Inside School Food’ this week!

Posted: February 11, 2015

Inside School Food at Heritage Radio Network featured FoodCorps Montana on the air on Monday! Jerusha Klemperer, our FoodCorps National Co-Founder and Communications Director, does a fantastic job explaining what FoodCorps is all about, and how to apply to be a FoodCorps service member for the upcoming school year. Jessica Manly, our second-year FoodCorps service…read the full article…

Heart Beet Valentine’s Day Cards

Posted: February 9, 2015